mp_tatooine - a map based on Mos Eisley, made for SWM: Galactic Warfare, the Star Wars Mod for COD 4. This map was released with the first beta of Galactic Warfare. It is based on the spaceport Mos Eisley from Star Wars: A New Hope, the notorious "wretched hive of scum and villainy", a prominent location on the planet Tatooine. It is relatively big compared to stock cod4 maps. As we proceeded in the work on the mod we knew that this first map needed to suit various playstyles and ranges, so the different gametype objectives are spread across the whole map, allowing to change gameflow and direction thus creating different chokepoints accordingly.

It features many buildings and places from the original motion picture, like Chalmun's Cantina, Docking Bay 94, Ubrikkian trade tower and the Quebe-Luxfause headquarters.

This map uses a custom skybox and a lot of custom textures and modelprops, besides the excellent stock materials, like plaster and blendmaps for the basetextures of the buildings, as well as the ground- and dirttextures provided by stock Call Of Duty 4.

Visit to see a short article about mp_tatooine with comparison shots between the movie and the map



mp_jundland - Jundland Waste meets Beggars Canyon, made for SWM: Galactic Warfare, the Star Wars Mod for COD 4. This map is based on the layout of classic Call Of Duty Map Brecourt.

The outer areas of the map are well suited for the use of long range weapons, while the inner places at the trenches and caves focus on close quarter combat. The big propmodel of the Jawa Sandcrawler acts as a landmark, helping the player in the orientation on the first few rounds on this map. This map uses just a few different materials and textures, though it relies heavy on the blending between them, and the arrangement of the various rock formations.



mp_jundland_dusk - a variation of Jundland, couldn't decide between this and the day Version, so we released both in SWM: Galactic Warfare.

I like the strong color contrast, the different skybox and the general mood in this version, and was fascinated how much of the levels character changes, when the lighting colors and sun position is altered. The customized FX created for the day version are adapted to the different lighting.

This map features custom models as gametype objectives; as a reference to the 88mm Flak Batteries used in the original Brecourt, it uses Atgar 1.4 FD P-Tower laser cannons as targets in Search & Destroy.

As a little cinematic special FX, both versions of mp_jundland feature the millenium falcon, crossing the map at timed intervals, being chased and shot at by tie fighters.

mp_not_a_cave - a deathmatch arena based on the space slug in The Empire Strikes Back, made for SWM: Galactic Warfare, the Star Wars Mod for COD 4.

Very small in its overall size, this map supports deathmatch as the only gametype.

The maps concept is orientated at the experience shown in the second Star Wars movie The Empire Strikes Back; a wet and foggy place with low visibility, flying Mynocks as FX, and missed shots triggering earthquakes in varying intensities.

mp_endor – a map based on the forest moon of Endor, work in progress

Leveldesign SWM:Galactic Warfare

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